Incredible Facebook Statistics For Digital Marketers

Top Valuable Facebook Statistics

Facebook has been one of the most promising and ever growing social media platforms. And with it’s rising user base, huge marketing opportunities have arisen for digital marketers and growth hackers.

But is this hype about Facebook marketing even worth it in 2017? As it turns out, YES.

Here is an infographics depicting valuable Facebook statistics.

Incredible Facebook Statistics Digital Marketers

Making Sense Of The Facebook Statistics

The main objective of this article was to again emphasis on how important Facebook is for your business.

As you can see, every second 6 new profiles are created on Facebook. So it is very important to know how to reach this ever growing user base which in the end are your customers.

There are many blogs, article and digital marketers that can give best tips on how to use Facebook effectively to market your product and services.

The problem with those is that they are pretty difficult for a normal user who is not an experienced digital marketer to understand and implement these tips and tricks. The main issue that users face is how to make their post reach masses.

I have tried to make it as simple as possible in my article- How To Make Your Facebook Post Go Viral. You can see the live example and simple tips and tricks that anyone can implement to make their post go viral.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I promise to respond back within one day.

Here is a short video by SocialPilot depicting important Facebook statistics.

Social Media Competitor Analysis – Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat)

Difference Between Haptik and Tapzo (HelpChat)

Both Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat) have been around for quite some time. I have been following both of them and I think it is time that we should have a social media competitor analysis between Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat).

Haptik is a mobile personal assistant service that that provides information on Indian products and services like finding the best mobile plan, do web check in for a flight, make a restaurant reservation, track the status of their online order, find movie timings, locate the nearest ATM and more.

tapzo vs helpchat.jpg

Tapzo (formerly HelpChat) is an app based local services provider (cab bookings, deals, and recharges etc). The company aims to complete the transaction on their platform without ever having to go to other apps.

In this post I have tried to compare their social media figures (Only Facebook and Twitter). Also this data is as on 4-12-2016. Number might have changed by now.

Competitor Analysis

[table id=9 /]

Facebook Comparison

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 1

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 2

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 3

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 4

Twitter Comparison

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 1

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 3

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 4

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 5

You can download the entire comparison here as a PDF.

[download id=”1256″ template=”button”]

Successful Email Marketing Campaign For Domain Service Providers

Importance Of Email Marketing

emailmarketing banner

Email Marketing is one of the few inexpensive ways to communicate with your customers. It is still considered one of the best ways to build relationships with prospective and existing customers. It also gives an efficient way to pursue leads.

But if you are not careful, the strategy may backfire and harm your brand and you may lose some very valuable clients.

Here I am mentioning a scenario which I faced during one of my projects. Hopefully it would help many digital marketers and growth hackers in designing their digital marketing strategies.

Case Scenario

You are an email marketing manager for a company who owns the top level domain ‘.CEO’. This TLD costs $99 per year. (eg. You charge for Tim Cook at $99/y). What would be your strategy to get CEOs who have paid for the domain for one year, to renew it for the second year?

Think about the series of emails, and the order in which they are sent

Time Period Description Message/Deliverables CTA/Objective Deployment/ Strategy
Week 0 Welccome Mail A Quick Guide to what should you do now (Recommended list Hosting Services, Design Agencies, etc.) Build Trust, Help the Customer getting started. Which sets us apart from the rest of DSPs Automated
End of Month 1 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 2 Downloadable Tips related to managing data of domain server Provide information to build expertise Automated
Month 3 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 4 Downloadable Guidelines to better digital strategy Build reputation Automated
Month 5 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 6 Downloadable PDF tips Build reputation Automated
Month 7 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 8 Downloadable PDF tips Build reputation Automated
Month 9 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 10 Email Digest with reminder Monthly domain performance with expiry date reminder Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
1 Month to Go Reminder A gentle reminder about expiry date Chance of early renewal Automated
15 Days to Go Reminder Domain account performance & reminder about expiry Notify user Automated
1 Week to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
5 Days to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
3 Days to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
2 Days to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
1 Day to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
Expiry Date Extended for 1 Week Offer of extended week Offer/ Special consideration Automated
Expiry +3 Reminder about Extension Asking to renew and keep the benefits Notification on extended privilege the user has received Automated
Expiry +6 Reminder about Final Expiry Asking to renew and keep the benefits Notification on extended privilege the user has received Automated
Expiry +7 Final Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
Expiry +8 Expiry Notification Account expired Make user realize the loss of service Automated
Every Week till the end of Expiry Date + 1 Month Reminders to Renew Renew membership to enjoy benefits of top level domain before someone else takes it To create the sense of urgency Automated
Every Month After Expiry Till domain is available Reminder to Buy Renew membership to enjoy benefits of top level domain before someone else takes it Convince user to use services again Automated

P.S. – Apart from all the regular emails, special mails on birthday, holidays to be also sent.

Overall content strategy

Goal To maintain relationship with existing customers and retain them
Building contact list “Subscribe Now” popup and advertise email newsletter on social media
Setting up our value proposition Providing Top Level Domain, “.ceo” for just $99/year
Email content Already mentioned in the part ‘a’
Timings During working hours, preferably morning, as most of the CEOs check their emails first thing in the morning
Personalization Even though the email template may remain same, little personalization is needed. In this example, using “Dear Tim” instead of just writing “Dear Sir” would be more engaging
Send special emails on holidays To give personal touch and add value to user’s day
Test out different content Test various types of formats. Use tools like Google Analytics to get insight
Clear call to action This is to make the renewal process simple. Mr. Tim should be just able to click “Renew now” button in the email and land to the personalized landing page
Automation Using automation tools like MailChimp for better email marketing

Sample of 2 emails (subject line, copy, CTAs, images etc) that you may use

Sample email 1- Welcome email

Subject- Congratulations!

Email Sample

Sample email 2- Sent on the last day of renewal

Subject- Domain Expiring Today

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1214" src="http://www.digitalenthu acheter viagra” alt=”Email Sample” width=”568″ height=”689″ srcset=” 568w,×300.jpg 247w,×546.jpg 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 568px) 100vw, 568px” />

You can download the PDF version of the case scenario from here for free!

Download “Email Marketing Campaign” Email-Marketing-Campaign.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 621 KB

Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing can be tricky and difficult to get right. But keep working on it and you will eventually figure out the plan. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Keep in mind the following points:

  • Email marketing can be more effective than social media for customer acquisition for some businesses
  • Email marketing is cost effective and economic
  • You can customize emails for every client. This makes it very personal ways to communicate with the client
  • Since clients can check their emails over the phone, it makes it accessible to all, anytime!
  • You can easily measure the performance of email campaigns

So keep these points in mind while designing your email campaigns and happy marketing!

Here is a small video by Ezvid Wiki showing the best MailChimp alternatives that you can use for your email marketing campaigns.

How To Make Facebook Post Go Viral (Without Promotion)

How I Made My Facebook Posts Reach 180K People?

I am sure all of us have wondered how can we make a Facebook post reach out to thousands of people. Today I will be sharing few of my Facebook posts that have gone viral and some tips and tricks to do them.

But before take a look at some of the posts on a page that I manage. Although it has been quite some time that I have posted on that page, it still can be used as a great example of viral Facebook posts.

Take a look at these posts. Keep in mind that I have not done paid promotion for these posts.

viral 1

Reach- Around 130K | Views- Almost 10K



viral 7

Reach- Around 180K |  Views- 4K


viral 2

Reach- Around 10K | Views- 315



viral 3

Reach- Around 15K | Views- 254


viral 4

Reach- Around 11.5K | Views- 290


viral 5

Reach- Around 24K | Views- 795


viral 6

Reach- Around 12K | Views- 528


These are just a few examples of my posts that did well without paid promotion on Facebook. Now lets get to understand what factors affect the reach and how to improve it.

Top 5 Ways To Increase Facebook Posts Reach

See What Kind Of Posts Are Doing Best

This is one of the basic and best things to understand what your followers like to read. Is it videos, photos, memes, infographics or just funny posts. You can analyse all these after few days of trial and error. And this can be done using the insights section of Facebook analytics.


Content Is Still The King

After you understand what kind of posts are doing good, make sure you post quality content. Before posting you should think that will people share this with their friends? Put yourself in their shoes and THINK!

Post At The Perfect Time

This is also one of the key factors that affect how much your post gets shared. After few days of trial and error, you will get an idea about when your fans are online the most. This can be seen inside the Posts Report inside the Facebook Analytics.


Use Relevant Tags

Understanding the usage of tagging is really important if you want your post to reach thousands of users. It is vital to understand that stuffing your post with many tags will not do good. On the contrary, it may be counter-productive.

Take this post for example. I have used just two tags and it did the trick.

viral 8

You have to choose carefully whom to tag so that the post may be seen by maximum users. Check which other Facebook pages are most active and tag them.

Cross Promote

One of the classic methods to do unpaid Facebook promotion is sharing your content on other pages, forums and other relevant mediums. This would allow more users to see what you are posting and ultimately increase your reach.

So follow these steps and see your Facebook page fans grow. Hers’s a short video explaining what is Facebook reach by Constant Contact.

Orkut Founder Launches Hello

Hello- Social Media Platform Focussed On Your Passions

An interesting development in the field of social media!  One of the pioneers in the field of social media, Orkut, is entering the social media fray once again.

Say hello to “hello”!


I’m confident the more we connect, the more beautiful it will become. I created Orkut with this in mind. Fear and hatred have no place when you make such a simple and friendly gesture to someone else

Büyükkökten wrote in a blog post

If you visit Orkut, this is what the founders have written!


I’m Orkut.

You may not know me but 12 years ago I started a social network called while I was working as an engineer at Google. I’m the guy was named after. In 2014 when Google announced that orkut would be shutting down, it was a sad moment for us. orkut had become a community of over 300 million people and was such an amazing adventure for all of us. Nobody wanted to lose what we had created together. We met amazing new people. We went on dates. We found new jobs. We even got married and had kids because of orkut. We made it happen, together.

The world is a better place when we get to know each other, when we are a little less strange to each other. I’ve been a stranger myself sometimes: I was born in Turkey and grew up in Germany where I was a geeky muslim boy in a class of blondes. Back in Turkey in middle school, I was the funny guy with the German accent. All my life, I have felt like someone on the outs: I was a programmer, I was gay or I was short and had a foreign accent. I haven’t always had the easiest journey. But the truth is, I’ve never had trouble making friends because I love people.

I think we all should be a little bit friendlier. The world needs it. We are living in a strange time. We hide behind our devices, ignoring the people around us. We stay with locals when we travel abroad but we don’t even know our neighbors at home. We click through feeds of updates from our friends from under our covers in the dark. Our lives are splinters of anonymity and isolation. Too often, we are lonely. Too often, we are afraid of what we don’t know. Too often, we are hateful toward what we don’t understand.

But I’m hopeful about our world. I’m confident the more we connect, the more beautiful it will become. I created orkut with this in mind. It’s also why I created the world’s first social network when I was a grad student at Stanford, and it’s why I have dedicated my life to helping people connect with each other.

So to all my friends, thank you for making orkut such a loving community. I’m so blessed to share this world with you. As a token of gratitude, I am making a new social network just for you. I’m not so good at goodbyes, so I’m calling it hello. hello is the next generation of orkut.

What is hello?

hello is the first social network built on loves, not likes. I designed hello to help you connect with people who share your passions.

hello connects us all. Think about it: you can say “hello” in any language and people will understand. “Hello” is probably the most widely spoken word in the world after “Okay.” Aló, halo, ʾāllo, alô, hallo, alló, hello. Fear and hatred have no place when you make such a simple and friendly gesture to someone else. So come join me, and make some new friends. Say hello, and love your world.

stay beautiful,
– Orkut

Currently the app is not available worldwide only but is set to launch soon. You can download the app here.

hello 2

We wish “hello” brings the much needed change in the social media space.

Facebook’s Online Interest- Based Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads

Facebook has started a new thing which pretty much changes the way online advertising will be done.

Online interest-based advertising means deciding which ads you might like to see based on your activity on websites and apps off of Facebook. -Facebook

What you do on other websites and apps which use Facebook’s service and technology will be used to track and according to your activities ads will be displayed.

Interest-Based Advertising

Marketers can now select languages, “ethnic affinity and various life events such as people who have recently moved to a particular place or got a new job.

Advertisers who want to target the newly engaged can narrow that down to engagements within one year or within three months. There are even options to target baby boomers, video game console players, early or late adopters of technology, fans of specific sports teams or people who go on cruises.

This is called interest-based advertising, and Facebook says “many companies already do this.”

A user can opt out of this program. But this won’t mean that you won’t get any ads. The ads won’t just be relevant to you.

Here’s a short video explaining hidden Facebook interest list.

Top 4 Recent Updates by Facebook

Facebook For Advertising

Facebook is one of the most popular advertising platform available us today. And why not! After all, from companies to individuals, everyone can reach a great number of people just by sitting at one place.

facebook new logo 2015.svg 450x169.jpg

So it is really important for everyone, especially digital marketers and growth hackers to stay up to date with what is going on with Facebook!

Here are the top 4 latest updates by Facebook:

The 20% image text rule is gone

I am sure many have felt the irritation caused by the ‘stupid’ 20% image text rule. Like me, many marketers must have used the Grid Image Checker Tool. We had to ensure that only 5 squares out of 25 squares (5X5 grid) contained text.grid

According to Afsheen Ali, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook:

Our research has shown that people demonstrate a preference for ads with less text. Previously, if 20% of an ad image’s area was text, it was not approved to run on Facebook, Instagram or the Audience Network. We are shifting to a new solution to improve this experience which allows advertisers more flexibility while still allowing us to maintain an enjoyable experience for people. –Afsheen Ali, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook

Now Facebook is trying to eliminate this constraint. The new rule considers the amount of text as OK, Low, Medium or High.

facebook ad new gridThe great part of this is that it does not completely prohibit the ad with more text. It just reduces the reach.

You can test your ad’s text density by using Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool.

360° Photos

Facebook has introduced the option to upload 360° Photos and share them with your friends. It is really exciting to see the entire surrounding as experienced by someone!

facebook 360 photo

“We’re improving photos on Facebook so that people can share more immersive views of their world. For the first time, you can now easily share 360 photos on Facebook. This medium enables new opportunities for creativity, and we’re excited to see what kinds of 360° photos get shared on Facebook. –Andy Huang, a product manager at Facebook

The audience network will move beyond Facebook

Up till now, marketers had the maximum available reach as the number of Facebook users worldwide (1.65 billion approx.).

facebook audience


Now Facebook is planning to expand its reach by allowing third-party apps to display advertisements and these ads will be visible to anyone who has ever visited Facebook.

This is known as online interest-based advertising. You can read more about it here.

This will allow marketers to reach more people. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will use a mix of cookie tracking, its own buttons and plugins and other data to track and identify non-users on third-party websites.

Facebook added maps to its Local Awareness Ads

Store Visits is a new metric added to Facebook’s Ads Reporting tool. Yes. You read it right. Now marketers can track how many store visits did a particular ad drove.

facebook local3 ss 1920


There are mainly 2 main features that help you to track the above parameter:

  1. Map card- You can enter a map pin for your business location, distance to business, hours of operation and a direction link.
  2. Call to action button- Such as Get Directions, Call Now, Learn More, etc.

The store locator shows a map of all of the locations that a business has nearby. People can click on the map in the advert to view information about nearby locations. Without leaving the advert or app, they can view the address, opening times, phone number, website and estimated travel time for each store. Facebook

Here’s a short video explaining the Facebook maps.

I have decided to write a new post every month for major social media networks. Please give your opinions in the comment section below.

Ultimate SEO Checklist

A Complete Guide For Awesome SEO


When optimizing your website to increase traffic, it helps to have an SEO checklist or plan to follow in order to get the most out of your time and effort.

That’s why I’ve to put together this detailed SEO Checklist updated for 2016 with SEO best practices that help increase search engine rankings for targeted keywords.

[table id=8 /]

You can download the list as a PDF here:

[download id=”undefined” template=”button”]

To know about SEO more click here.

Understanding User Explorer Reporting: Google Analytics Latest Feature

User Explorer Reporting In Google Analytics

google analytics

The Google release notes for April 11, 2016 bought a nice little surprise. Google has introduced a new feature named User Explorer Reporting. It is quite an awesome feature that shows very specific visitor interactions across the website.

What Is User Explorer?

According to Google’s latest release notesConfusedUser Explorer Reporting is a new set of reports in Google Analytics lets you perform analysis of anonymized individual interactions with your websites and apps.

User Explorer utilizes existing anonymous Google Analytics data to deliver incremental insights that marketers need to improve and optimize their sites and apps.

The feature is now available in the Audience sections. Anonymous Client ID and User ID will be surfaced in this report as a part of the release.

Too much technical? Alright lets simplify things like we always do!

User Explorer Reporting GuideUSer Explorer

You can find this report by navigating to Audience menu > User Explorer in your Google Analytics view.

Landing Page Overview

After you click, you will see the following screen.

USer Explorer

As you can see, you now have access to information based on individual users (client ids).
Client Id is a unique ID that Analytics assigns to each device from which users engage your content. Of course you won’t be able to know who the actual user is, but you get a better idea as to what a particular user stats are.

You will also notice a box (like a chess) below the date range option on top left. This is an important feature that lets you control the sample size of the number of sessions used to calculate this report.

User Report

In Analytics, sampling can occur in your reports, during your data collection, or in both places. Sampling your traffic allows for accurate reporting without a decrease in processing speed.

All the other options like sessions, bounce rate are self explanatory. Lets dive deeper into the user reporting part.

Introduction to User ReportUser Report

The ‘user explorer’ report is made up of several individual ‘user reports’. Each client Id will give you an individual report. The report provides details about an individual user like attributes Acquisition date and Acquisition channel.

After selecting the 1st client id you will see the following screen.

User Group

Lets go through every thing in this page and understand what it means:

  1. It shows the date range for which you want to see the the report.
  2. It depicts the client id which you selected.
  3. This shows that the user was first acquired on 15th April, 2016.USer Group
  4. The user came directly to the website. (This can be social and organic)
  5. The device used to access the website was a Desktop (or Laptop).
  6. If you want to go back to the main user explorer page select this.
  7. This user has generated 106 sessions in total so far and has spent 31 hours 39 minutes and 40 seconds on the website. The user has not generated any revenue.
  8. You can combine two dates to form a segment to view common results.
  9. You can opt for how many filters you want to apply. It is better depicted in the image on right.
  10. You can select descending if you want to see report from finish to beginning or ascending if not.
  11. This shows the last time the user was active on your website and how many sessions took place. In this case the user last came on 20th May, 2016 and had 3 sessions.

Did you find any analysis that I have missed? Please write in the comments below.

How to use the ‘User Explorer’ reportquestion mark 1019820 960 720

Now once you know what a user report contains, the most important question still remains: What do I do with this? How to use the report?

With the report you can:

  1. Generate thousands of reports for each user.
  2. See which particular user is more active.
  3. See how many people are making a purchase completing a goal.
  4. Get a better understanding about the conversion path
  5. Sort the report by sessions, session duration, bounce rate, revenue, transactions and goal conversions
  6. Get report on Pageviews, Goals, E commerce and Events.

Hopefully you have a better understanding about this very useful feature. Please implement it yourself and if you face any challenge or have any questions, feel free to write to me.

Here is a short video by Measureschool explaining User Explorer. Enjoy!

What Is Cohort Analysis: A complete Guide

Cohort Analysis In Google Analytics

Google recently included a cohort analysis report in the Analytics’ audience section that takes the data from a given website or app. Rather than looking at all users as one unit, it breaks them into related groups (Cohort Type, Cohort Size and Metrics etc.) for efficient analysis.

You can access Cohort Analysis by going to the Audience tab in Google Analytics.

Cohort Analysis

The report, which is in beta release, may help marketers and analysts identify time-based trends like testing the effectiveness of forms, content, products, or ads.

While cohort analysis is sometimes associated with a cohort study, they are different and should not be viewed as one in the same. Cohort analysis has come to describe specifically the analysis of cohorts in regards to big data and business analytics, while a cohort study is a more general umbrella term that describes a type of study in which data is broken down into similar groups.

How Do You Do Cohort Analysis In Google Analytics?

It might seem complicated but you can easily do a cohort analysis in Google Analytics. GA provides four different ways to display the cohort data:Cohort analysis

  1. The Cohort Type: Where you mention the grouping of cohorts
  2. The Cohort Size: That is measuring the number of cohorts,
  3. Metric: The number of times a cohort visited the page,
  4. Data Range: The time period of measuring cohorts and data.

The Cohort Size:

The dimension that’s the basis of the cohorts. You can only select one dimCohort Analysisension at a time.

The Cohort Type corresponds to the table column that includes the total number of users in a cohort.

For example, if you select Acquisition Date, the cohorts are grouped based on when users joined your website or app. Acquisition Date is the only option that’s currently available.

The Cohort Size:

The time frame that determines the size of each cohort. This corresponds to the date and number of users in each cohort cell in the dimension column.Cohort Analysis

For example, if you select Day, the cells in the dimension column display a single date and the number of users organized into the cohort for that day.

If you change your selection to Week, a date range appears, and the number of users organized into the cohort for that week also appears.

Metric:Cohort Analysis

The metric that’s being measured for each cohort. You can only select one metric at a time.

The metric corresponds to all columns in the table, except the Cohort Type column, which displays the dimension.

For example, if you select Session Retention, each Day displays the percentage of users in each cohort that had a session that specific day.

Date Range:Cohort Analysis

The time boundary that determines what data appears in the report. This corresponds to the number of rows in the table.

For example, if you select the Last 7 Days, there will be a total of 8 rows in the table: one for each of the past 7 days, and one for sum of all cohorts.

What Do Charts Mean: Understanding Cohort Charts

Cohort Analysis

This is the most important part: understanding what these cohort charts mean! I don’t know about you, but this isn’t really immediately clear to me, so let me walk you through how to look at it.

Understanding Cohort Chart

The cohort chart is a line chart which shows the cumulative metric values for the selected cohorts. To start, in the example below, 27.03% users have been retained the next day and only 13.96% users the day after that.

Cohort Analysis

Through the menu you can select and compare up to four cohorts on the cohort chart.

Cohort Analysis

You can apply up to 4 advanced segments (both default and custom) to the Cohort analysis report and these advanced segments are reflected in the Cohort Chart:

Cohort Analysis

Understanding Cohort Table

Here is a screenshot of the cohort table. Each row represents a cohort. For example, May 18, 2016 is one cohort and May 19, 2016 is second cohort and so on.

Cohort Analysis

If you select date range as ‘7 days’, the data table would contain 8 rows.

The first row or the top row shows the total or average value of all the cohorts for each column. The remaining 7 rows show data for each cohort. Similarly if you select ‘Last 30 days’ as the date range then the data table would contain 31 rows.

Each column in the Cohort Data table represents cohort size: one day/week/month of data.The data table contains fix number of columns which is 13.

Each cell in the cohort data table contains the value of the metric you selected through ‘metric’ menu. For example, if you selected pageviews metric then each cell would contain total number of pageviews per cohort per time increment.

The color intensity in each cell visually indicates the magnitude of the metric value relative to other values in the cohort.

Cohort Analysis

So what does the above table mean? I’ll combine all the points and give proper analysis:

  1. The table depicts the user retention for the past 7 days. That is why instead of numbers, percentage is showing.
  2. If you see the 2nd row (May 18, 2016), 582 users came to the website out of which 30.76% users came back on 19th May and 20.96% users came on 21st May.
  3. If you look at the color of the Day 2 on 19th May, it is darker than the Day 2 on 18th May. This depicts that user retention was better on 19th May than on 18th May.

So there you have it! Hope you have a better understanding about cohort analysis now. If there are any questions about cohort analysis, Google analytics or digital marketing in general, please write to me. I will be glad to help you out.

Here is short video by PPCHeroBlog explaining Google Analytics. Enjoy!