Incredible Facebook Statistics For Digital Marketers

Top Valuable Facebook Statistics

Facebook has been one of the most promising and ever growing social media platforms. And with it’s rising user base, huge marketing opportunities have arisen for digital marketers and growth hackers.

But is this hype about Facebook marketing even worth it in 2017? As it turns out, YES.

Here is an infographics depicting valuable Facebook statistics.

Incredible Facebook Statistics Digital Marketers

Making Sense Of The Facebook Statistics

The main objective of this article was to again emphasis on how important Facebook is for your business.

As you can see, every second 6 new profiles are created on Facebook. So it is very important to know how to reach this ever growing user base which in the end are your customers.

There are many blogs, article and digital marketers that can give best tips on how to use Facebook effectively to market your product and services.

The problem with those is that they are pretty difficult for a normal user who is not an experienced digital marketer to understand and implement these tips and tricks. The main issue that users face is how to make their post reach masses.

I have tried to make it as simple as possible in my article- How To Make Your Facebook Post Go Viral. You can see the live example and simple tips and tricks that anyone can implement to make their post go viral.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I promise to respond back within one day.

Here is a short video by SocialPilot depicting important Facebook statistics.

Social Media Competitor Analysis – Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat)

Difference Between Haptik and Tapzo (HelpChat)

Both Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat) have been around for quite some time. I have been following both of them and I think it is time that we should have a social media competitor analysis between Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat).

Haptik is a mobile personal assistant service that that provides information on Indian products and services like finding the best mobile plan, do web check in for a flight, make a restaurant reservation, track the status of their online order, find movie timings, locate the nearest ATM and more.

tapzo vs helpchat.jpg

Tapzo (formerly HelpChat) is an app based local services provider (cab bookings, deals, and recharges etc). The company aims to complete the transaction on their platform without ever having to go to other apps.

In this post I have tried to compare their social media figures (Only Facebook and Twitter). Also this data is as on 4-12-2016. Number might have changed by now.

Competitor Analysis

[table id=9 /]

Facebook Comparison

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 1

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 2

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 3

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 4

Twitter Comparison

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 1

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 3

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 4

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 5

You can download the entire comparison here as a PDF.

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