Social Media Competitor Analysis – Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat)

Difference Between Haptik and Tapzo (HelpChat)

Both Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat) have been around for quite some time. I have been following both of them and I think it is time that we should have a social media competitor analysis between Haptik and Tapzo (Helpchat).

Haptik is a mobile personal assistant service that that provides information on Indian products and services like finding the best mobile plan, do web check in for a flight, make a restaurant reservation, track the status of their online order, find movie timings, locate the nearest ATM and more.

tapzo vs helpchat.jpg

Tapzo (formerly HelpChat) is an app based local services provider (cab bookings, deals, and recharges etc). The company aims to complete the transaction on their platform without ever having to go to other apps.

In this post I have tried to compare their social media figures (Only Facebook and Twitter). Also this data is as on 4-12-2016. Number might have changed by now.

Competitor Analysis

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Facebook Comparison

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 1

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 2

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 3

facebook comparison helpchat vs haptik 4

Twitter Comparison

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 1

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 3

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 4

twitter comparison helpchat vs haptik 5

You can download the entire comparison here as a PDF.

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How To Make Facebook Post Go Viral (Without Promotion)

How I Made My Facebook Posts Reach 180K People?

I am sure all of us have wondered how can we make a Facebook post reach out to thousands of people. Today I will be sharing few of my Facebook posts that have gone viral and some tips and tricks to do them.

But before take a look at some of the posts on a page that I manage. Although it has been quite some time that I have posted on that page, it still can be used as a great example of viral Facebook posts.

Take a look at these posts. Keep in mind that I have not done paid promotion for these posts.

viral 1

Reach- Around 130K | Views- Almost 10K



viral 7

Reach- Around 180K |  Views- 4K


viral 2

Reach- Around 10K | Views- 315



viral 3

Reach- Around 15K | Views- 254


viral 4

Reach- Around 11.5K | Views- 290


viral 5

Reach- Around 24K | Views- 795


viral 6

Reach- Around 12K | Views- 528


These are just a few examples of my posts that did well without paid promotion on Facebook. Now lets get to understand what factors affect the reach and how to improve it.

Top 5 Ways To Increase Facebook Posts Reach

See What Kind Of Posts Are Doing Best

This is one of the basic and best things to understand what your followers like to read. Is it videos, photos, memes, infographics or just funny posts. You can analyse all these after few days of trial and error. And this can be done using the insights section of Facebook analytics.


Content Is Still The King

After you understand what kind of posts are doing good, make sure you post quality content. Before posting you should think that will people share this with their friends? Put yourself in their shoes and THINK!

Post At The Perfect Time

This is also one of the key factors that affect how much your post gets shared. After few days of trial and error, you will get an idea about when your fans are online the most. This can be seen inside the Posts Report inside the Facebook Analytics.


Use Relevant Tags

Understanding the usage of tagging is really important if you want your post to reach thousands of users. It is vital to understand that stuffing your post with many tags will not do good. On the contrary, it may be counter-productive.

Take this post for example. I have used just two tags and it did the trick.

viral 8

You have to choose carefully whom to tag so that the post may be seen by maximum users. Check which other Facebook pages are most active and tag them.

Cross Promote

One of the classic methods to do unpaid Facebook promotion is sharing your content on other pages, forums and other relevant mediums. This would allow more users to see what you are posting and ultimately increase your reach.

So follow these steps and see your Facebook page fans grow. Hers’s a short video explaining what is Facebook reach by Constant Contact.

Ultimate SEO Checklist

A Complete Guide For Awesome SEO


When optimizing your website to increase traffic, it helps to have an SEO checklist or plan to follow in order to get the most out of your time and effort.

That’s why I’ve to put together this detailed SEO Checklist updated for 2016 with SEO best practices that help increase search engine rankings for targeted keywords.

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You can download the list as a PDF here:

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To know about SEO more click here.