Successful Email Marketing Campaign For Domain Service Providers

Importance Of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is one of the few inexpensive ways to communicate with your customers. It is still considered one of the best ways to build relationships with prospective and existing customers. It also gives an efficient way to pursue leads.

But if you are not careful, the strategy may backfire and harm your brand and you may lose some very valuable clients.

Here I am mentioning a scenario which I faced during one of my projects. Hopefully it would help many digital marketers and growth hackers in designing their digital marketing strategies.

Case Scenario

You are an email marketing manager for a company who owns the top level domain ‘.CEO’. This TLD costs $99 per year. (eg. You charge for Tim Cook at $99/y). What would be your strategy to get CEOs who have paid for the domain for one year, to renew it for the second year?

Think about the series of emails, and the order in which they are sent

Time Period Description Message/Deliverables CTA/Objective Deployment/ Strategy
Week 0 Welccome Mail A Quick Guide to what should you do now (Recommended list Hosting Services, Design Agencies, etc.) Build Trust, Help the Customer getting started. Which sets us apart from the rest of DSPs Automated
End of Month 1 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 2 Downloadable Tips related to managing data of domain server Provide information to build expertise Automated
Month 3 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 4 Downloadable Guidelines to better digital strategy Build reputation Automated
Month 5 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 6 Downloadable PDF tips Build reputation Automated
Month 7 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 8 Downloadable PDF tips Build reputation Automated
Month 9 Email Digest Monthly domain performance Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
Month 10 Email Digest with reminder Monthly domain performance with expiry date reminder Try to convince to upgrade account Automated
1 Month to Go Reminder A gentle reminder about expiry date Chance of early renewal Automated
15 Days to Go Reminder Domain account performance & reminder about expiry Notify user Automated
1 Week to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
5 Days to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
3 Days to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
2 Days to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
1 Day to Go Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
Expiry Date Extended for 1 Week Offer of extended week Offer/ Special consideration Automated
Expiry +3 Reminder about Extension Asking to renew and keep the benefits Notification on extended privilege the user has received Automated
Expiry +6 Reminder about Final Expiry Asking to renew and keep the benefits Notification on extended privilege the user has received Automated
Expiry +7 Final Reminder Strong reminder about expiry date To create the sense of urgency Automated
Expiry +8 Expiry Notification Account expired Make user realize the loss of service Automated
Every Week till the end of Expiry Date + 1 Month Reminders to Renew Renew membership to enjoy benefits of top level domain before someone else takes it To create the sense of urgency Automated
Every Month After Expiry Till domain is available Reminder to Buy Renew membership to enjoy benefits of top level domain before someone else takes it Convince user to use services again Automated

P.S. – Apart from all the regular emails, special mails on birthday, holidays to be also sent.

Overall content strategy

Goal To maintain relationship with existing customers and retain them
Building contact list “Subscribe Now” popup and advertise email newsletter on social media
Setting up our value proposition Providing Top Level Domain, “.ceo” for just $99/year
Email content Already mentioned in the part ‘a’
Timings During working hours, preferably morning, as most of the CEOs check their emails first thing in the morning
Personalization Even though the email template may remain same, little personalization is needed. In this example, using “Dear Tim” instead of just writing “Dear Sir” would be more engaging
Send special emails on holidays To give personal touch and add value to user’s day
Test out different content Test various types of formats. Use tools like Google Analytics to get insight
Clear call to action This is to make the renewal process simple. Mr. Tim should be just able to click “Renew now” button in the email and land to the personalized landing page
Automation Using automation tools like MailChimp for better email marketing

Sample of 2 emails (subject line, copy, CTAs, images etc) that you may use

Sample email 1- Welcome email

Subject- Congratulations!

Email Sample

Sample email 2- Sent on the last day of renewal

Subject- Domain Expiring Today

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1214" src="http://www.digitalenthu acheter viagra” alt=”Email Sample” width=”568″ height=”689″ srcset=” 568w,×300.jpg 247w,×546.jpg 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 568px) 100vw, 568px” />

You can download the PDF version of the case scenario from here for free!

Download “Email Marketing Campaign” Email-Marketing-Campaign.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 621 KB

Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing can be tricky and difficult to get right. But keep working on it and you will eventually figure out the plan. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Keep in mind the following points:

  • Email marketing can be more effective than social media for customer acquisition for some businesses
  • Email marketing is cost effective and economic
  • You can customize emails for every client. This makes it very personal ways to communicate with the client
  • Since clients can check their emails over the phone, it makes it accessible to all, anytime!
  • You can easily measure the performance of email campaigns

So keep these points in mind while designing your email campaigns and happy marketing!

Here is a small video by Ezvid Wiki showing the best MailChimp alternatives that you can use for your email marketing campaigns.

Best Digital Marketing Tips For Startups

Digital Marketing Tips

Many people have requested me to write about what Digital Marketing tips and tricks they should use for their startups. Today if you are not digitally active, you cannot survive. If you are expecting some sort of magic tip that will take you to the top, close the page.

The truth is there are no cheats or shortcuts for the Digital Marketing. That being said, it is not too difficult to understand how Digital Marketing works and implement the strategy to grow your startup.

The main issue that companies face in today’s competitive environment is gaining visibility. Remember you are competing with millions of marketing messages that users get bombarded with every day. Apart from that, for a startup funds is also a bottleneck. You have to be smart in utilizing the money.

So what a marketer has to do to make the startup a digital success? Here are some points to guide you:

Get on Social Media

This is a no brainer. You just can’t beat the competition withoutsocial media social media presence. It is also one of the most efficient and cost effective way to reach millions of users.

According to Over 75% of all Internet users use social media. This should give you an idea how important the Social Media is. 

It will give you the platform to promote, engage with the users. Also you can use Social Media for promotion and customer service.


Frequency and Consistency is the key


So you have come on Social Media.  Now what? Simple- Post on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, Pin on Pinterest. You get the idea.

But be regular with your posts. Identify the best time to target the users (using analytics and research) and post consistently. Keep the messages to the topic. Do not divert. For example it would be disastrous if an IT firm starts posting about irrelevant topic, say, movies!

One more tip regarding the posts. Do not get over excited and flood the profile with content every 5 minutes. Maintain an optimal number of posts daily, on regular intervals.

Buffer App reports that the optimal number of posts to Facebook is between five and 10 times a week, Twitter is five tweets a day and LinkedIn and Google+ tied for one time a day.

Customer Focuscustomer focus

Remember you are sharing content for the customers. If you keep on promoting your brand/ product, customers will get fed up and ultimately stop following you.

Users have to feel that they are getting value out of the time they are investing in reading what you have shared.

So keep sharing information related to the business you are in. To give an example, a travel company will share information such as best places to visit in a region.


The social media users are your prospective customers. You have to leverage them and make them feel valuable.

Engage with users. If a user compliments or praises the services/ product, thank them. If a user doesn’t like your product and posts negative about you, don’t be afraid. Ask what went wrong and fix it.engagement

Best thing about this is that the users will feel that their opinion is being valued and that your company is empathetic.

You have the capability to turn a negative incident into a positive one. You have the opportunity to show users how good your customer service is!


Today if you have to reach the maximum audience you have to invest some amount in promotion as well.

Be it Facebook ads, Sponsored Tweets, Google AdWords or Premium services on LinkedIn, you have to pick a right platform and start promotion.

The best part is it is not expensive. A good number of people can be reached by investing just few dollars.


You must have heard- Content is the king. It is true! What good are your strategies if you are not able to convey your message to people!

Think about what you want to convey!content is kingPeople today have a very short attention span. With so much information available, it is very easy for a user to miss or ignore your message. If your content is not well formulated, you’ll struggle.

Keep the content to the point and be precise. Hire a good content writer that can help your company.

Be Creativebe creative

You must have seen infographics, short videos, memes, etc. getting viral on the internet. They serve better purpose of generating awareness about a brand than the usual (boring) text.

There are many free online services that you can use. For example explainer videos are one of the best ways to convey your message to the user.


growth How would you decide what users should see? What should they do after they land on your website? Or more importantly what is bringing users to your website?

For this thee are several free tools that a startup can use. For example Google Analytics is one of the best and most widely tool used to understand what is happening on your website.

Now you have an idea how to grow digitally. Keep in mind, it will take some time to get the desired results. Be patient and expect results in 6-12 months depending on your strategy.

Here’s a short video by iQuantumAustralia explaining few Digital Marketing tips.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Digital Marketing Trends

2015 was the year of video marketing. 2016 will definitely be intriguing because it will be all the more exciting in terms of Digital Marketing Trends.

Why Digital Marketing is so important in today’s business, you ask! According to a Gartner survey, marketers no longer see digital as a distinct marketing discipline and marketers are moving to “digitally led business models.” So it is either stay updated and stay ahead or fall behind!

The best way to beat your competition this year is to stay on the top of your game, and this list will help you do just that.

Social Advertising

This year is set to be the year when the digital ad spending iSocial Medias set to cross all previous records. It is finally going to surpass TV advertising budget.

According to Interpublic Group’s Magna Global, in 2015 digital ad spend will have grown 17.2% (to $160 billion), and 13.5% in 2016, surpassing TV as the biggest advertising platform in 2017.

So that is why Social Advertising is on the top of our list. Digital marketers cannot afford to ignore this important digital trend in 2016.

eMarketer predicts social network ad spending will reach $35.98 billion in 2017, which will make up 16% of all global digital ad spend.

Here is our 3 point guide for marketers to leverage social media:

Social Image

Deciding the platform

If you are in the photography business or sell handicrafts, you should focus more on Instagram and Pinterest. If you are in B2B business, use Facebook’s target promotion to reach the intended audience.

Be smart

Use analytics to determine what is working and what is not. This will help you allocate the funds effectives, giving you maximum results.

Action Oriented Ads

If you ask users to engage with the ads using call-to-action buttons, it will lead to a better response and yield better results

Facebook Messenger for Business

After Facebook’s announcement of launching Messenger for business in March 2015, which would allow B2B and B2C transactions, the entire Digital Marketing space is very excited.

Facebook’s user base (over 700 misllion and growing at 40% in 2014-15, according to Luxury Daily) could be the deciding factor in making or breaking a business.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has also made it possible for the users to install a Facebook messenger box on their websites to utilize it in a similar manner as a website live chat box.

As we can see the sincerity of Facebook to make an impact in the Digital Marketing world and the popularity of the social media giant, this is a weapon that digital marketers need to use to win the digital marketing war!

App Indexing

Google has changed the world of Digital Marketing and is a pioneer in thMobile appse field. In April Google changed its algorithm to reward mobile friendly websites. It also started to use information provided by indexed apps as a factor in search rankings.

Now one cannot afford not to have a strong working app which complied by the rules of Google. This is important because Google will drop app content in the mobile search results.

In 2016, if a business is not succeed in Digital Marketing space if apps are not responsive, friendly and convenient to use.


Mobiles, once again, will dominate the desktops in 2016 in terms of usage. In 2015, mobile usage surged partly because of Google’s decision to include a site friendliness in search engine rankings.

Mobile Web

Google is obviously anticipating that mobile traffic will dominate. It’s already happening: this year, more people used mobile search than web search in 10 different countries.


Wearable is another technology that will surprise most in 2016. Imagine a small device which you carry around your wrist 24 x 7. How much information will the marketers be able to gather! Such a small device and such a big impact.

As devices continue to rule our world, wearable technology is predicted to see an adoption rate of 28% in 2016, according to HubSpot.

What does this mean for marketers? More data on every move your target buyer is making. The Internet of things will continue to become more and more important to marketers in 2016.

There are many more trends that can be discussed. But for a startup, individual or small business, these are enough. If a business has to succeed, it has to keep the above points in mind.

Her’s a video  by Hoppin Online Marketing beautifully describing Digital Marketing trends of 2015-16